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What’s Better than Money?

Reader: Dany Darma Putra…Nim: 109014000157… Class: II D

What’s Better than Money? By: James Hadley Chase.  Consist 156 pages
Main actors in this novel are; Jeff Gordon: This story is about his life. Rima Marshall: she was a beautiful girl, good at singing, but she was addicted.. the actor in this novel I like Rusty, because he always helped Jeff when Jeff was getting trouble, I think he was a friendly and good person.
“money will be number one in this world” that words arose in my mind when I was reading the title of this novel at first time, therefore I chose this novel and I wanted to know this story. Good lesson we can take from this story is we must not be mad of money.
Rima was shabby, poor and addicted but good at singing, Jeff invited Rima to work together, he wanted make Rima to be a good singer and he wanted to be her manager. but Rima was sick. Jeff needed much money to cure Rima, because he knew he would get huge advantage if Rima get over, he tried to borrow some money but he always failed. Rima had an idea to get the money, she invited Jeff to steal money from a director’s office, when they did stealing, unfortunately, a security came in, the security did not look at Rima because she hid under the table, he just saw Jeff, suddenly Rima shot the security with her gun. The security just explained to police that he has been shot by a man who has scar on his face, Jeff had a scar on his face. Because of that, Jeff became wanted of police. Jeff came back to his home town continued his study, and then Jeff became a consulting engineer, his friend Jack invited him to work together as partnership. They got successful with his friend Jack, Jeff and Jack were supposed to be shown in TV and magazine to explain his success, because of that, Rima knew where he was. Rima came to Jeff and blackmailed Jeff because she knew that Jeff was being wanted. Jeff wanted to kill rima before she report the case to the police. He couldn’t kill Rima because she had many bodyguards. At one time, Rima was killed by her enemy called Willbur. Police found Jeff pictures and a gun in the Rima’s car. The gun was used by Rima when she with Jeff shot the security. And then The police knew Jeff’s case and the police also had evidence for catching Jeff. And the police did not want to report Jeff, but he also wanted to blackmail Jeff. Jeff was a smart person, he recorded the conversation between he and the police while the police was blackmailing him, the police could not do anything because, if he report Jeff, he would be reported by Jeff too.
The best part of this novel is when Jeff had evidence there was a record of the police’s voice when the police was blackmailing Jeff, and The police could not blackmail Jeff anymore. Because of that Jeff was free and he had been not wanted anymore.

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