Senin, 28 Maret 2011

The Perfect Match

Reader: Dany Darma Putra        Nim : 109014000157      Class   : II D

The Perfect Match” this novel kind of a romantic series novel, and it is 42nd from A sweet dreams romance, this novel consists 165 pages and it was wrote by Marian Woodruff.

Main actors in this novel are: Alexis, she is called Alex, she is female 17 years old, has blonde hair and curly, but she is tomboy like a man, beside likes baseball she also likes computer. Tom, he is Alexis’s boyfriend. Scotty Morgenstern, he is Alexis’s former. Larry and Hendry, they are Alexis’s friends.

This story is about technology of computer communication and matchmaking by computer, Alexis was new matchmaker in the school and she liked computer so much, and at one time she had an idea that to make matchmaking by computer. She made the matchmaking program with her friends, and invited them to come to dance party. The computer matchmaking service guarantees a dream date. Actually, Alexis had many formers, and then she was single. She wanted Tom to be hers. Therefore she enroll her own name in to the match computer program, soon she was in love with Tom. But the bad thing happened, Alexis began to be doubt because the match members started to complain, Alexis and Tom were not romantic anymore because a problem. And then they solved the problem through the computer and then both of them became romantic again.

In my opinion, the best part of this novel is when Alexis found the idea to make the matchmaking by computer, I think that is smart idea, although her friends did not agree with her idea before, but finally Alexis’s friends agree with her Idea. And the best character is Alexis, because she is smart.

The novel contains a story about human communication, and how even what the computer botches up can be set right just by sitting down and talking things out. It's a good lesson.

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