Senin, 28 Maret 2011

The Outlaws of Mesquite

Reader: Dany Darma Putra
Nim     : 109014000157
Class   : III D

The Outlaws of Mesquite” is a title of an interesting novel which written by an author called Louis L’amour. This novel consists of 210 pages, and has a story about living of outlaws or wicked men and cowboy in a country called Mesquite, in North America. This novel is kind of a romantic novel, and violence moments also occurred in the story.
Main actors in the story are: Milt Cogar, he is a good man, good at shooting and riding horses, he is a hero of the country. Jenny Lewis, she is a lovely girl in the country, she has blonde hair, a slim body, and soft grey eyes. Dan Spencer, He is an outlaw/wicked man in the country, he has a big body, he is a rough and slick man. Jhon Record and Pablo Martinez, they are friends of Dan Spencer.
The story starts from the meeting of Jenny with Milt Cogar when Milt Cogar took a rest from his journey with his wild horse in the violence country. The country is called Mesquite was held by an outlaw man called Dan Spencer. Everyone in the country was afraid of Dan Spencer. Nobody could forbid whatever Dan Spencer wanted. Even, the family of Jenny was killed by Spencer. And he wanted to marry Jenny when Jenny grew up. Jenny told Milt Cogar about everything. That is a reason why Milt Cogar stayed in the country to keep Jenny. One day, Dan Spencer asked Milt Cogar to leave the country and to leave Jenny too, but Milt Cogar did not go from the country until a fighting occurred. Milt Cogar was good at shooting, so Dan Spencer was killed by Milt Cogar, and Milt Cogar became a hero in the country. Finally, Milt Cogar lived with Jenny in the country, and all of the citizens considered Milt Cogar as their hero.
The good actor in my opinion is Milt Cogar because he is a brave man, and he cared to people who need his help.
The good moment in the story is when Dan Spencer was killed by Milt Cogar, and then they celebrated for their victory. All people were happy at the moment because the wicked man was killed, and their sufferings had been ended.

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