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Narnia – The Horse and His Boy

Reader: Dany Darma Putra..  Nim: 109014000157..  Class: II D

Narnia – The Horse and His Boy by C.S.Lewis. Consist 175 pages
Main characters in this novel are: Shasta, his real name was Cor.. fishermen, he kept Shasta when Shasta was separate with his family.. Bree was a horse, he could speak like human and he is also true friend of Shasta… Corin, he was Shasta’s twin.
I like the actor called Shasta because he always be strong although he was separate with his family.
When I read for the first time this novel, I found the statement that a horse can speak with human, so I was anxious to read this novel. I think we can take some lesson from this story that we must not be bad person, because wickedness usually to be looser by goodness.
In cruel region there were lived a young boy named Shasta with fisherment called Arshees. One day, a stranger wanted to buy shasta. By chance Shasta heard when the bargain between the stranger and Arshees. And then Shasta speak to the sranger’s horse, suddenly the horse was called  Bree could speak, he was surprised when he was listening the horse spoke. The horse said that Narnia was beautiful place where there was like paradise and all of animals can speak. And the horse invited Shasta to escape to Narnia. They went to Narnia through many challenges. Shasta was accepted by the king and the queen of Narnia. Shasta enjoyed his life, at there he met his parents and his twin called Corin, actually, the real name of Shasta was Cor. Actually Shasta was a prince of Narnia. He was born twin, his twin called Corin. He was stolen when he was born by an enemy called lord. The enemy was told by witch, that if Shasta and his twin Corin had grown, both of them would save and protect Narnia. At one time, a prince from Calormen proposed the queen of Narnia. The queen rejected the prince, and then fighting between Calormen and Narnia occurred, and then Corin asked Shasta to go along in fighting. At last Narnia was the winner because helped by twin prince Corin and Shasta. At last, Shasta became the king of Nernia after his father dies. Cor or shasta, Corin and Bree lived together in Narnia in the happiness forever.
The best part of this novel I think when Shasta arrived in Narnia kingdom and he met with his family and his twin Corin, because that moment was so worth of Shasta and also that moment was the end of Shasta’s suffering, so, I like this part.

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