Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Another Way of Dying

Reader: Dany Darma Putra     Nim     : 109014000157     Class   : III D

The title of the novel is “Another Way of Dying” and consists of 221 pages. The author is Francis Clifford. This novel is good for me because it tells about a British life. In this novel, many habits or lifestyles exist, such as playing casino. The main character is Neil Forrester, and Inger Linderman is Norwegian lady who became a witness in a murder case in her hotel room. The victim is Frank Nolan, he is a drunker and player casino in the Golden Gobweb. The murder is Salvatore.
In my opinion, the best character is Neil Forrester, although he had not known Inger very much, but he still helped Inger to figure out the murder case whereas Inger was just his neighbor room. Actually, he is not a detective a murder case, but he loves his job to write the news. The character whom I dislike is Salvatore, he is one of the bandits who try to kill Neal and Inger. He was also the one who killed Nolan. They killed Nolan because Nolan had many obligations/loans.
The best part of the novel is when Neal came to Inger’s house in her town in Monteliana. Her family is small but Neal felt comfort with Inger’s family because Neal could speak Italian. In her house, everything is very simple; there are not a big room and large garden like in London, and it makes Neal feels that he have lived in a luxury life.
Moral value from this novel is we do not need a luxury in our lives to get a beautiful life. Actually, it will be more beautiful if we just live in a simple way. Another moral value is we should be a generous man. We have to help other people who need our help.

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