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The Alvin Karpis story

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The Alvin Karpis story” this novel talks about a criminal gangster and violence story. It is written by Alvin Karpis with Bill Trent, published by Berkley Publishing Corporation, and this consists of 223 pages. This novel is so interesting, and this is a true story therefore I suggest you reading this one.

Main actors in this story are Mr. Karpis and his friends Freddie Barker, Doc, Jess Doyle, Laurence Devol, and Bill Weaver. They are in one Gang. They are public enemy then.

The story starts from Mr Karpis at 10 years old. In the ages, he often came to places where gambling places and whorehouse, He was getting to be a bad man because he felt the places made him happy. Mr Karpis had ever had dream jobs such as a lawyer, a big businessmen when he was child, but the dreams just dreams. He ever worked as a clerk in one shop, but his doctor suggested him looking for another job because the job as a clerk was not good for his health. The mission of Mr Karpis and his friends was very violence. They used mechine guns in their mission. They work together in the bad mission to robe any Banks and to kidnapper rich people. In their action they often did violently and killed many people with their Guns. In the age 18, Mr. Karpis got a sentence in to a jail. After he was free from being a prisoner, he came back as a bank robber / kidnapper until his friend called Freddie Barker died by FBI machine gun bullets, but Karpis survived became a public enemy.

The best actor in this story in my opinion is Karpis. I have my own reason to admire Karpis as a best actor. Why I take Karpis as a best actor is because he was a brave person, very brave, work hardest, and he can find his skill although the skill is worst, but he is expert on it.

The good lesson I can take from the story is Education is so important for human. According to this story, it implies that Karpis gets less education therefore he becomes a criminal person.

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