Senin, 28 Maret 2011

The Alvin Karpis story

Reader: Dany Darma Putra      Nim  : 109014000157     Class   : III D

The Alvin Karpis story” this novel talks about a criminal gangster and violence story. It is written by Alvin Karpis with Bill Trent, published by Berkley Publishing Corporation, and this consists of 223 pages. This novel is so interesting, and this is a true story therefore I suggest you reading this one.

Main actors in this story are Mr. Karpis and his friends Freddie Barker, Doc, Jess Doyle, Laurence Devol, and Bill Weaver. They are in one Gang. They are public enemy then.

The story starts from Mr Karpis at 10 years old. In the ages, he often came to places where gambling places and whorehouse, He was getting to be a bad man because he felt the places made him happy. Mr Karpis had ever had dream jobs such as a lawyer, a big businessmen when he was child, but the dreams just dreams. He ever worked as a clerk in one shop, but his doctor suggested him looking for another job because the job as a clerk was not good for his health. The mission of Mr Karpis and his friends was very violence. They used mechine guns in their mission. They work together in the bad mission to robe any Banks and to kidnapper rich people. In their action they often did violently and killed many people with their Guns. In the age 18, Mr. Karpis got a sentence in to a jail. After he was free from being a prisoner, he came back as a bank robber / kidnapper until his friend called Freddie Barker died by FBI machine gun bullets, but Karpis survived became a public enemy.

The best actor in this story in my opinion is Karpis. I have my own reason to admire Karpis as a best actor. Why I take Karpis as a best actor is because he was a brave person, very brave, work hardest, and he can find his skill although the skill is worst, but he is expert on it.

The good lesson I can take from the story is Education is so important for human. According to this story, it implies that Karpis gets less education therefore he becomes a criminal person.

The Outlaws of Mesquite

Reader: Dany Darma Putra
Nim     : 109014000157
Class   : III D

The Outlaws of Mesquite” is a title of an interesting novel which written by an author called Louis L’amour. This novel consists of 210 pages, and has a story about living of outlaws or wicked men and cowboy in a country called Mesquite, in North America. This novel is kind of a romantic novel, and violence moments also occurred in the story.
Main actors in the story are: Milt Cogar, he is a good man, good at shooting and riding horses, he is a hero of the country. Jenny Lewis, she is a lovely girl in the country, she has blonde hair, a slim body, and soft grey eyes. Dan Spencer, He is an outlaw/wicked man in the country, he has a big body, he is a rough and slick man. Jhon Record and Pablo Martinez, they are friends of Dan Spencer.
The story starts from the meeting of Jenny with Milt Cogar when Milt Cogar took a rest from his journey with his wild horse in the violence country. The country is called Mesquite was held by an outlaw man called Dan Spencer. Everyone in the country was afraid of Dan Spencer. Nobody could forbid whatever Dan Spencer wanted. Even, the family of Jenny was killed by Spencer. And he wanted to marry Jenny when Jenny grew up. Jenny told Milt Cogar about everything. That is a reason why Milt Cogar stayed in the country to keep Jenny. One day, Dan Spencer asked Milt Cogar to leave the country and to leave Jenny too, but Milt Cogar did not go from the country until a fighting occurred. Milt Cogar was good at shooting, so Dan Spencer was killed by Milt Cogar, and Milt Cogar became a hero in the country. Finally, Milt Cogar lived with Jenny in the country, and all of the citizens considered Milt Cogar as their hero.
The good actor in my opinion is Milt Cogar because he is a brave man, and he cared to people who need his help.
The good moment in the story is when Dan Spencer was killed by Milt Cogar, and then they celebrated for their victory. All people were happy at the moment because the wicked man was killed, and their sufferings had been ended.

The Perfect Match

Reader: Dany Darma Putra        Nim : 109014000157      Class   : II D

The Perfect Match” this novel kind of a romantic series novel, and it is 42nd from A sweet dreams romance, this novel consists 165 pages and it was wrote by Marian Woodruff.

Main actors in this novel are: Alexis, she is called Alex, she is female 17 years old, has blonde hair and curly, but she is tomboy like a man, beside likes baseball she also likes computer. Tom, he is Alexis’s boyfriend. Scotty Morgenstern, he is Alexis’s former. Larry and Hendry, they are Alexis’s friends.

This story is about technology of computer communication and matchmaking by computer, Alexis was new matchmaker in the school and she liked computer so much, and at one time she had an idea that to make matchmaking by computer. She made the matchmaking program with her friends, and invited them to come to dance party. The computer matchmaking service guarantees a dream date. Actually, Alexis had many formers, and then she was single. She wanted Tom to be hers. Therefore she enroll her own name in to the match computer program, soon she was in love with Tom. But the bad thing happened, Alexis began to be doubt because the match members started to complain, Alexis and Tom were not romantic anymore because a problem. And then they solved the problem through the computer and then both of them became romantic again.

In my opinion, the best part of this novel is when Alexis found the idea to make the matchmaking by computer, I think that is smart idea, although her friends did not agree with her idea before, but finally Alexis’s friends agree with her Idea. And the best character is Alexis, because she is smart.

The novel contains a story about human communication, and how even what the computer botches up can be set right just by sitting down and talking things out. It's a good lesson.

Another Way of Dying

Reader: Dany Darma Putra     Nim     : 109014000157     Class   : III D

The title of the novel is “Another Way of Dying” and consists of 221 pages. The author is Francis Clifford. This novel is good for me because it tells about a British life. In this novel, many habits or lifestyles exist, such as playing casino. The main character is Neil Forrester, and Inger Linderman is Norwegian lady who became a witness in a murder case in her hotel room. The victim is Frank Nolan, he is a drunker and player casino in the Golden Gobweb. The murder is Salvatore.
In my opinion, the best character is Neil Forrester, although he had not known Inger very much, but he still helped Inger to figure out the murder case whereas Inger was just his neighbor room. Actually, he is not a detective a murder case, but he loves his job to write the news. The character whom I dislike is Salvatore, he is one of the bandits who try to kill Neal and Inger. He was also the one who killed Nolan. They killed Nolan because Nolan had many obligations/loans.
The best part of the novel is when Neal came to Inger’s house in her town in Monteliana. Her family is small but Neal felt comfort with Inger’s family because Neal could speak Italian. In her house, everything is very simple; there are not a big room and large garden like in London, and it makes Neal feels that he have lived in a luxury life.
Moral value from this novel is we do not need a luxury in our lives to get a beautiful life. Actually, it will be more beautiful if we just live in a simple way. Another moral value is we should be a generous man. We have to help other people who need our help.

What’s Better than Money?

Reader: Dany Darma Putra…Nim: 109014000157… Class: II D

What’s Better than Money? By: James Hadley Chase.  Consist 156 pages
Main actors in this novel are; Jeff Gordon: This story is about his life. Rima Marshall: she was a beautiful girl, good at singing, but she was addicted.. the actor in this novel I like Rusty, because he always helped Jeff when Jeff was getting trouble, I think he was a friendly and good person.
“money will be number one in this world” that words arose in my mind when I was reading the title of this novel at first time, therefore I chose this novel and I wanted to know this story. Good lesson we can take from this story is we must not be mad of money.
Rima was shabby, poor and addicted but good at singing, Jeff invited Rima to work together, he wanted make Rima to be a good singer and he wanted to be her manager. but Rima was sick. Jeff needed much money to cure Rima, because he knew he would get huge advantage if Rima get over, he tried to borrow some money but he always failed. Rima had an idea to get the money, she invited Jeff to steal money from a director’s office, when they did stealing, unfortunately, a security came in, the security did not look at Rima because she hid under the table, he just saw Jeff, suddenly Rima shot the security with her gun. The security just explained to police that he has been shot by a man who has scar on his face, Jeff had a scar on his face. Because of that, Jeff became wanted of police. Jeff came back to his home town continued his study, and then Jeff became a consulting engineer, his friend Jack invited him to work together as partnership. They got successful with his friend Jack, Jeff and Jack were supposed to be shown in TV and magazine to explain his success, because of that, Rima knew where he was. Rima came to Jeff and blackmailed Jeff because she knew that Jeff was being wanted. Jeff wanted to kill rima before she report the case to the police. He couldn’t kill Rima because she had many bodyguards. At one time, Rima was killed by her enemy called Willbur. Police found Jeff pictures and a gun in the Rima’s car. The gun was used by Rima when she with Jeff shot the security. And then The police knew Jeff’s case and the police also had evidence for catching Jeff. And the police did not want to report Jeff, but he also wanted to blackmail Jeff. Jeff was a smart person, he recorded the conversation between he and the police while the police was blackmailing him, the police could not do anything because, if he report Jeff, he would be reported by Jeff too.
The best part of this novel is when Jeff had evidence there was a record of the police’s voice when the police was blackmailing Jeff, and The police could not blackmail Jeff anymore. Because of that Jeff was free and he had been not wanted anymore.

Narnia – The Horse and His Boy

Reader: Dany Darma Putra..  Nim: 109014000157..  Class: II D

Narnia – The Horse and His Boy by C.S.Lewis. Consist 175 pages
Main characters in this novel are: Shasta, his real name was Cor.. fishermen, he kept Shasta when Shasta was separate with his family.. Bree was a horse, he could speak like human and he is also true friend of Shasta… Corin, he was Shasta’s twin.
I like the actor called Shasta because he always be strong although he was separate with his family.
When I read for the first time this novel, I found the statement that a horse can speak with human, so I was anxious to read this novel. I think we can take some lesson from this story that we must not be bad person, because wickedness usually to be looser by goodness.
In cruel region there were lived a young boy named Shasta with fisherment called Arshees. One day, a stranger wanted to buy shasta. By chance Shasta heard when the bargain between the stranger and Arshees. And then Shasta speak to the sranger’s horse, suddenly the horse was called  Bree could speak, he was surprised when he was listening the horse spoke. The horse said that Narnia was beautiful place where there was like paradise and all of animals can speak. And the horse invited Shasta to escape to Narnia. They went to Narnia through many challenges. Shasta was accepted by the king and the queen of Narnia. Shasta enjoyed his life, at there he met his parents and his twin called Corin, actually, the real name of Shasta was Cor. Actually Shasta was a prince of Narnia. He was born twin, his twin called Corin. He was stolen when he was born by an enemy called lord. The enemy was told by witch, that if Shasta and his twin Corin had grown, both of them would save and protect Narnia. At one time, a prince from Calormen proposed the queen of Narnia. The queen rejected the prince, and then fighting between Calormen and Narnia occurred, and then Corin asked Shasta to go along in fighting. At last Narnia was the winner because helped by twin prince Corin and Shasta. At last, Shasta became the king of Nernia after his father dies. Cor or shasta, Corin and Bree lived together in Narnia in the happiness forever.
The best part of this novel I think when Shasta arrived in Narnia kingdom and he met with his family and his twin Corin, because that moment was so worth of Shasta and also that moment was the end of Shasta’s suffering, so, I like this part.